Autoglass reparation

Auto glass reparation

Reparation is a process that is used for reparation of small cracks on the front windshield.

The procedure consists of a detailed cleaning and processing of fine cracks, then with the help of special aparature injected transparent resin that fills the cracks and makes it almost invisible.

One of the most important conditions for reparation is fast reaction. Damaged glass should be as soon as possible protected from external influences, dirt and further damage with gluing self-gluing tape over the cracks. Next step is to visit as soon as possible our service, becouse crack can spread, and then you have to choose more expensive variation, changing the glass.

It is essential that the damage is not in sight of the driver, in which case we do not recommend reparation. Cracks up to a few centimeters are considered to be suitable for reparation, through that, encourages the replacement of glass.

Our well trained staff, combined with high technology that guarantees quality and durability of the repair of your glass in accordance with the norms valid in over 40 countries.