Auto glass Kristal

Autoglass KRISTAL

From a small business idea, originated in year 1992,  we have created a successful company today, leading the windscreen market in Croatia.

With only one branch office opened in Bjelovar, today we occupy 7 locations throughout Croatia: Zagreb - Sesvete and Savska, Koprivnica, Slavonski Brod, Bjelovar and franchises Vinkovci and Osijek, where we provide services to wholesale and retail trade, and collaborate with the entire series of partners and customers, and franchise companies that we have helped to penetrate the market with high-quality and affordable prices.


The reason why you should visit us lies precisely in our offer, which distinguishes us from other companies that deal with modifying and selling windscreens.

Kristal enterprise is the largest importer and distributor of windscreens with many years of standing experience and tradition, the importer for SAINT GOBAIN SEKURIT, windscreens that carry label ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS, leading in the world and also importer for PILKINGTON glasses which are replacement with original quality and also manufacturer of original glasses.

And for those who do not require original replacement parts, we offer high quality replacement glass at the best prices in Croatia.

We offer you over 40 000 windscreens for personal, cargo and bus program which we possess on stock at affordable prices with weekly import. Primarily, they are front, side and back windshields in all available colors.


  • Reparation-repairment service at small windscreen damage
  • Cooperation with all insurance agencies-simply and quickly
  • Field-service offered in all of our seven branches through Croatia
  • Replacement of windscreen-we offer glass-exchange of world leading manufacturer SAINT GOBAIN SEKURIT that carry label ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS
  • Windows economical prices, but as well only european quality
  • Foil-we offer shading with one of the leading foils on our market-3M
  • Tractor glass, plexiglass and glass cut by routine
  • A wide range of equipment for installation and dismantle glass
  • We offer a wide range of adhesives renowned producer in the world, Henkel
  • Installation of the rearview mirror
  • Polishing damaged lights (headlights) on your vehicle